Minor Hyperacusis Permanent?

Discussion in 'Support' started by lingon, Jul 24, 2015.

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      In 2011 (can't remember exactly when) I tried to clear some ear wax with a cotton swab, went too far and got an ear wax....compactment? (the ear canal was completely blocked). Got some form of solution from the pharmacy and got it cleared out the next day, but since then (or finally noticed) I have had tinnitus in that ear, it wasn't extreme though and only bothered me some nights (very rarely).

      Two days ago I had a brain fart and once again tried clearing some ear wax, no blockage this time but I felt it being pushed in so I went all the way to the ear drum (like I said, brain fart). It wasn't forceful, I barely touched anything in there so no physical trauma or loud sound (was being very careful), but all of a sudden as I cleared the wax everything is much louder, metal, porcelain and the like sound the same but much louder. Even typing on a keyboard is louder.

      This is slightly annoying but nothing that bothers me that much, the thing though is that this is the same ear I have tinnitus in and all of a sudden I can't ignore it, it penetrates easily and I can hear it clearly (though I can't for the life of me figure out which frequency it is, I can hear the sound but I can't isolate it, it's like it changes in a small range rapidly, almost like jitter). The sound itself hasn't changed, if I put my fingers in my ears it sounds exactly the same it always has (except for a few times per year when it suddenly changes to a lower tone and then slowly increases back to the original tone over 5-10 seconds), but because of the amplification of all other sounds it has now become extremely irritating.

      My question is, could this be permanent? All I did was removing ear wax. Went to the doctor yesterday who saw nothing wrong in my ear canal, just some wax on my ear drum so he told me to get some ear wax solvent (which I did) and wait for a few days, but I'm still worried. Could it be that I'm just used to having more wax in there and now my hearing is overly sensitive? I'm not experiencing any hear loss what so ever and my other ear is completely normal, no tinnitus, no hyper acusis.

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