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      My name is Moosey and I have struggled with Tinnitus for 10 years. It has gotten progressively worse.
      I love to and spend time with my family. I am a Christian and love to attend church. I have 2 dogs...and a wonderful husband who is very sympathetic to my problem.
      I am here to learn as much as I can about Tinnitus.......
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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Hi, Moosey, and welcome to Tinnitus Talk!

      We're glad your joined our community; we're all here to support one another and to learn more about this condition we all share. If you have specific questions, let us know, and someone here will, I'm sure, be able to assist.

      It really helps to have a husband who is sympathetic to your condition. Having a support person (or persons) around makes it easier to bear. My husband is very supportive, too. He also has had tinnitus for many years, and I know it helps me to be able to discuss my problems with him. How lucky you are to have that support in your life, too!

      Again, welcome. If you'd like to share more of your tinnitus story, we'd like to hear more about you!

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