MRI Scan, Need Help Understanding What This All Means?

Discussion in 'Support' started by menno, Jan 28, 2014.

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      I had an MRI scan done with the following outcome:

      There is a venous angioma/development venous anomaly in the peripheral portion of the right cerebellar hemisphere.
      This is draining into the adjacent transverse sinus.
      There is a prominent arachnoid granulation within the transverse sinus at the site.

      To me it does not sound good, and might be a logical explanation for my pulsatile tinnitus , or is this indeed nothing as mentioned by the specialist?
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      Menno, I'm glad you got some test results back, and that at least something was noted. I don't know anything about venous angiomas myself, but I did find this information for you:

      And this definition of arachnoid granulation:

      If you're still concerned, what you could do is take a copy of the MRI (do you have a CD of the scan?) to another specialist for a second opinion. That's what a lot of people do on Do you know of another specialist in your area who could interpret the MRI for you?
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      Karen, U R amazing. Where would we be without you?

      So glad you have remained part of the TT community all this time. Blessings.
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