Muscle Spasms in the Middle Ear (Possible Cure)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by OPlax, Oct 5, 2016.

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      As a long time sufferer of Middle Ear Myoclonus/Tensor Tympani syndrome, I think I may have found results for clearing it and making it go away!

      I went to a neurotologist and he may of found results.

      First things first...Do you have seasonal/bad allergies? Do you always seem to have pressure/stuffy nose that never seems to go away? Have you taken a bad hit to the head/neck?

      If you answered yes, then there are 2 possible cures for these spams.

      1) You have Eustachian Tube dysfunction. Your eustachian tube opens and closes to keep your ear/outside pressure the same. This disorder makes it so your tube doesn't fully open up so the pressure isn't equal. This spasm happens because your inner ear has a tiny bit of "negative pressure" (think of a very light vacuum cleaner) and when the pressure isn't the same and the tube malfucntions, the pressure pushes the eardrum a bit, which causes a "spasm".

      2) You're adenoids are enlarged/irritated.

      My ENT says to take Flonase (a nasal steroid that is safe to take all year long) to try and clear up my allergies, mucus, a flem to open up my Eustachian tubes more so they can properly do their job.

      If that doesn't work in a month, he said I might need to remove my adenoids (simple surgery with no real risks)

      I'm posting this find because this disorder is so ANNOYING and there aren't many real cures or treatments out there for people. If you have any questions please post them here. Thanks :)
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      Acoustic Trauma/Vascular
      How were you diagnosed with this condition? I think I have this as well (all my muscles are crazy these days), but nobody has suggested it.
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      Some people don't apply Flonase right. You put it up your nose then hold your nose and blow it. This way it gets into your E-tubes. I personally stopped using it because it caused nosebleeds.
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      Still unknown... possibly noise exposure?
      I have to because it's bugging me..
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      So who was this doctor that dxed you with myo? How did he do it? You sure you don't just have palatal myo instead? Is your myo off on its own or provoked by sound? Do you have myo on the one hand going off on its own while at the same time sound sensibility because of the eardrum issue?
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      I still eating pop corn. This is what I got. Need more popcorn. Did you get well before I started this journey.
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      Interesting post. The cause of my T is still unknown (may still very well be as a result of loud music).

      But I have two of the problems you listed. First one is the vibrating eardrum/ear which I've had for 15 months or so, give and take.
      The other thing I also have is nose/sinus problem which I think is allergy related. In 2014 I got a post nasal drip, which means u got mucus that goes the back way down ur throat. I get from time to time white mucus. And I mean WHITE, as in milk white. I always need to use a nasaline to clear my sinus and nose. Those symptoms has been going on for 3 years. Started off in late june 2014. My T began in january 2017. Duno if any of this is causing my T.

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