Muscular ETD?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lebber, Dec 23, 2017.

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      mild head trauma (muscle tension)
      Hey everyone,

      I was wondering if someone knows which muscles can cause ETD (pressure in ear)? I know you can get it from TMJ but I would like to know which specific muscles affect the eustachian tube functioning.

      I'm currently going to physio for my tinnitus. We found that my left ear was a result of a neck injury. And with physio my left ear became almost quiet (it comes and go). My right ear is a bit more difficult to address. The tinnitus there comes from muscles (jaw) and although still there it became significantly better with physio.

      But I have this mystery ETD. Ear test came put perfect, no mucus or anything in my ears. I asked my physio about ETD caused by muscle dysfunction but he had no clue about that. He knows it can happen, but doesn't know how exactly. If we knew which muscle causes that we can target it in therapy.

      I also have this thing when air goes through my right ear (by yawning or burping) the tinnitus gets louder for a brief second. Like something mechanical is going on in there. Any clues on what this is?

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