Music or Stress or Poor Circulation...??

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      Sorry if this is so long! I'm relatively new to T so I'm pretty much clueless as to how to handle this/what to do about it. I've always listened to my music pretty loud, although it was with the iPhone earbuds that didn't go all the way into the ear. About a month ago I got a pair of in-ears and turned down the volume on my music quite a bit. I still listened to it loud but never went as loud as I used to. About 2 days ago, I noticed a high-pitched ringing in my right ear. It wasn't super loud and could easily be ignored or masked. It pretty much disappeared on Sunday only to come back that night. I immediately stopped listening to music as soon as it happened and haven't listened to any music since. Yesterday I woke up and it was still in my right ear though it then moved to both ears. Since I wasn't listening to anything at the time I'm not sure if it's damage from listening to music too loud or what? It seemed to be aggravated by loud noises (loud cafeteria, screaming) but today was much better and I could barely hear it. Whenever I could hear it, it had moved from one ear to the other throughout the day. Other than that, I even had periods of the day when it stopped completely, although it still spiked a bit whenever I heard loud noises.
      I have a history of neck and shoulder problems/poor blood circulation to my head. I usually get help for that but haven't been able to recently because of time conflicts. The pitch of the T changes as I move my jaw. I'm wondering if the T could be a new symptom since the problem has been neglected for this long? I'm also taking into account stress levels and diet since both are terrible for me (as a college student) since I read those can also cause T.
      I got in touch with my acupuncturist today and she basically told me to keep hydrated and take the sugar out of my diet and take supplements until she sees me next week. I go to college out of state and I don't think seeing a doctor for an ear exam is an option for me right now. My T has fluctuated as I typed this and is back in both ears. I'm concerned about whether or not this could be a permanent thing (although I'm extremely lucky it isn't severe yet). I've been trying to push the T to the back of my mind and distract myself with other things which seems to help a bit. Considering that it's better than it was yesterday, I'm really hopeful that it's not because of ear damage and that it's a temporary thing and that it'll fade out on its own. I'd really like to listen to music again. I'm trying to remain positive about it and not think things like 'why me?' I start taking the supplements tomorrow so hopefully it'll help alleviate the ringing. Advice/Support would be greatly appreciated :)

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