Music Therapy Doesn't Suppress Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Research News' started by daedalus, Oct 30, 2012.

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      And in some cases even worsens it. What is interesting in this study is they matched clinical diagnostic and EEG. They examined people with hearing loss and tinnitus. Unfortunately i just have the abstract and i don't even know the sample size. The measuring of tinnitus loudness by EEG matches their clinical diagnostics.

      Some big names of tinnitus research here: Arnaud Norena and Dirk De Ridder.
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      Twenty-six tinnitus patients (17 males, 9 females) participated in this experiment at the multidisciplinary TRI tinnitus clinic of the Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium

      I don't know how to pm, but i don't want to post the paper up here (copyright stuff i guess)
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      Another interesting find Daedalus,

      it's interesting as I think if you ask most long term sufferers about whether music suppresses their Tinnitus they would answer no. It actually makes mines worse if I listen to something too long. One of the worst things about getting this horrific condition was how it affected my enjoyment of music.

      I remember also reading about a DJ who said that whenever he played a gig his tinnitus was usually louder afterwards despite wearing ear plugs.
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      26 seems a bit low as a sample. Especially with three groups. I was a bit suprised by their findings because it is against the phantom limb pain model logic.

      Me too i don't know how to pm here. However i can still be messaged on the other forum.
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      Most likely hearing loss
      This proves to be true in my own-self controlled study of one (me). I tried noise therapy, classical music therapy, notched music therapy, tones, etc with no real improvement on my T.
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      July 2012
      There goes majority of proposed treatments for tinnitus.

      On a side note, I feel sorry for the people who have participated in this study and had their tinnitus worsen.

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