My Hyperacusis Is Back and It's Killing Me. Please Help Me.

Discussion in 'Support' started by sol auerbach, Jul 29, 2016.

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    1. sol auerbach

      sol auerbach Member

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      Hey everybody i havent been to this thread in a while.

      My hyperacusis is back and has been horrible the last 48 hours and i need to know what to do about it.

      Ive had a few very short lasting hyperacusis bouts, mainly years ago when i came down with tinnutis (something i still have 24/7 till today).

      i hadnt had it since september till this passed tuesday

      I dont remember exactly how i got rid of it in the passed but i need to know whats the best route of treatment.

      In the passed, i used to go to a psychologist who at one point was good with dealing with tinnitus and hyperacusis but he's no longer around and there arent many psychologists where i live that are good with this and the ones who are dont take health insurance and are too expensive.

      basically, my hyeracusis is a whistling echo or after effect of some of the noises i hear, mainly from cars, buses, some air conditionairs, some fans, sometimes even music, washing machines at the laundry mat, and some other things.

      oh, and to add some context to this:

      i did spend a large amount of time the passed month working in a place where things are extremely quiet. have my ears become sensitive to noise now?

      i also have a had A LOT of stress in my life at work, financially, and other things.

      could that be the reason?

      it also has been above 90 degrees heat the passed week.

      could that be an issue?
      its very annoying and agonizing and i need to know what to do asap.

      what are your thoughs on the following:

      noise therapy, retraining therapy, cognative behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy.

      are they any good?

      are there other options you can reccomend?

      any help would be appreciated.
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    2. Sen

      Sen Member

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      October, 2012.
      What you're describing here is tinnitus, not hyperacusis. I've had that type of tinnitus in the past and I feel like it has mostly gone away. I'm not sure how long it took, but my tinnitus doesn't really react to noises in this way anymore as far as I can tell.

      Just be patient and it will probably subside. If it doesn't, there's a very good chance you will feel better again someday regardless. Habituation is a powerful tool.
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    3. sol auerbach

      sol auerbach Member

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      thanx for your response matt.
      i do have tinnitus, but thats the regular ringing in the ears thing.
      that ive had forever and got used to it to the point it doesnt bother me anymore.
      how does someone habituate to whisteling affects?
      i fidn those to be a million times more annoying than the regular tinnitus
    4. sol auerbach

      sol auerbach Member

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      Anybody else can help me?
    5. JadeNYC

      JadeNYC Member

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      Sorry you're dealing with these issues.
      I'm currently also on month 4 in the throes of both of these issues.
      Stress of any type obviously worsens everything so try to stay calm and know that if you recovered once, you will again.
      Read success stories on the forum when you feel panicked as they're incredibly helpful and mentally very uplifting to know that there's hope and a way out of these hellish conditions.
      Excessive humidity is known to exacerbate brain trauma related issues mainly cognitively, so I believe it is also possible since both T&H are tied to the CNS that this quite possibly may be contributing to or exacerbating your conditions. Follow your intuition and try to avoid extreme heat, high humidity and stay well-hydrated.
      To keep your mind off of the noise, try partial masking with a competing low level white, pink or brown noise. I like the simply noise app when mine is most bothersome.
      I also use a mini Vornado fan to distract me from my T. It works quite well because it's in the background and I don't have to keep thinking about it.
      How's your sleep, diet & are you taking supplements?
      Wishing you and all of us a speedy recovery!
    6. sol auerbach

      sol auerbach Member

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      Thanx for the response.
      Diet? Im on a strict acid reflux diet which i cant eat anything with tomato or tomato sauce, fried stuff, caffience, or anything with citrus, but i do eat enough other junk which i probobly should cut down on.
      I dont have the best sleeping pattern. I tend to stay up till like 5am on the internet.
      Could that also be a cause?
    7. sol auerbach

      sol auerbach Member

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      And as for supplements, well i dont. Should i? If yes which ones?
      Also, i am slowly tapering off a medication called cymbalta, but i highly doubt thats a cause.
    8. sol auerbach

      sol auerbach Member

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      it was better earlier today but its really bad now
    9. sol auerbach

      sol auerbach Member

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      was better for over a month but ever since i heard this asshole whistling very loud, slow, and softly-a moment i literally felt like he was putting a knife into my chest-every single regular life sound i hear sounds just like this asshoels whistling.
      is this mesophonia?
    10. Sen

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      October, 2012.
      the whistling effects are tinnitus. they can be habituated to in the same way you would habituate to any tinnitus.

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