My (Left) Ear Produces a Percolating Type Noise in Response to External Noise

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Garziano, Feb 29, 2016.

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      Middle Ear infections (between ages 9 thru 14
      So I've searched many forums on the internet and I have yet to find someone else describing anything quite like the symptoms I deal with.
      For starters, I rarely deal with the common types of T, but do on occasion. I had several (what I believe to have been) middle ear infections in my pre- teen years that apparently caused damage. My earliest memory of this noise is around age 15, and I am now 30.
      The sound that I hear is very reminiscent of a coffee pot finishing up brewing, like a percolating sound. It is a physical sound, not quiet at all and quite uncomfortable. I cannot say it gives me pain in the broad sense of the word but it certainly is a nuisance that I wish I wasn't subject to living with.
      The noise occurs when I lay on my right side, ( which I favor) and hear most any external noises, such as my partner snoring, television dialogue and also when I am upright and place the phone near my left ear. The sound that is produced matches the voice patterns of the speaker, and while there are particular tones that don't trigger the racket, most do. To keep this noise at bay I tend to lay on my left side, as doing so completely stops the noise. I hold phones to my right ear, not my left, which I tend to gravitate to naturally. The noise is not at all my pulse, rather it sounds like a combination of a click, pop and a crackle... I do currently feel I am quite possibly alone in this, and fear it could be a waste of a co-pay to see an ENT for them to have no solution or say it's "in my head" (which it very much is)
      I welcome any input.
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      Garziano, I have the same coffee percolator sound,and yes it is very annoying,but not painful,I'm still trying to find out why,and what causes it!:dunno:

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