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      I have been troubled with tinnitus since 1993. it started with panic attacks I had trying to cope with my father having alzthiemers. I began to have panic attacks very often and was hospitalized several times. I had to eventually place him in a nursing home. I take xanax and for a while it was better, I could control it. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2010. needless to say the tinnitus an anxiety became worse. I have now been in remission for two years and almost 4 years since it was discovered. now it seems to be worse. I have ringing in my head and ears. I am not getting enough sleep and I am concerned that is may be something serious. there was a small lesion found on my pituratary gland but it was found to be begnine. I am in need of a lot of dental work. I broke a tooth but the root is still in. the sounds and more tinnitus started after that. I am really tired of this. some days its not a bad as others. its worse in my bedroom and I seem to get feed back low tones when I change channels on my tv. please can anyone help.
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids
      So sorry to hear about the troubles you've experienced. I've heard T can be caused by infections as well as dental issues; have you pursued/researched anything in that area?

      Yes, anxiety and T go hand-in-hand (they both energize each other). Have you had any counseling for the panic attacks? My T came on so suddenly and so strong that I am just now getting over late night/early morning anxiety (wake up @ 3:00 a.m. for no reason -- heart pounding). Fortunately, I'm able to take slow, deep breaths and pray til they go away (and I go back to sleep).

      For my T, I have hearing aids with white noise generators (the white noise is programmable and is targeted to my specific T); they are a God send! I get relief from T and, most importantly, sleep.


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      Who Knows
      Hi Josie, Glad you found this group. I can relate to a lot of what you are going through. First off remember T will not kill you. It may make you a little crazy every now and then:) Right now just kind of look around at the different posts and read what others have been struggling with, and how they are managing. There are plenty of stories here to read.

      Panic attacks started for me at 18 and I am 67 now. Had two heart attack before I was 50. two surgeries to remove a foot of my colon because of cancer. 2 years ago had open heart surgery for a 4 way bypass, also a diabetic, and in stage 3 of chronic kidney disease. Teeth are ok:) T started after the heart bypass.

      With all the anxiety, physical problems, and personal stuff T is the last thing we need, but it is what it is, you will find some comfort here.

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