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Discussion in 'Support' started by Cristian Ro, Mar 2, 2016.

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      I write this for the guys who are in a middle of a tinnitus spike.
      I was in January, I almost thought to kill myself.
      But the spike is (almost) gone, my tinnitus almost returned to "normal" (in the busy moments of the day I don't hear it).
      I didn't do anything to provoke it, I didn't do anything to solve it. It just appeared and now it's almost gone.

      That's it. I made this quick post just to share... hope? Maybe. I know I needed when my spike was at peak.
      "Thank you!" to all the guys who supported me, to asked me to wait before ending my life. :)


      P.S: I asked the ENT if my tinnitus is because of the prolonged use of the headphones. She said: "The headphones are for both ears, your tinnitus it's in only one ear. I exclude the usage of headphones from the causes."
      Also I got at MRI. She saw it and she said that sometimes tinnitus is provoked by a inflamation of a nerve (, which inflamation is not present in my case.
      I need more investigations (CT scan) - maybe also a surgery - but my "today tinnitus" is bearable, I will not "cut my head" to solve it. Not now, not in this stage.
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      Great news, @Cristian Ro. It can be really, really hard to imagine when you are the middle of a spike and suffering -- but yes, in the vast majority of cases, they do eventually subside and you go back to baseline. Or you get used to the new normal.

      Thanks for sharing.
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      noise et al.
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      noise et al.
      Please ignore above post in which I seem to have just accidently copied your whole post and my reply has disaapeared! Will get the hang of this site soon.
      Anyhow, just wanted to thank you for your positive info and to say that I hope that your T continues dwnwards and hopefully out the door.
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      Great to hear Cristian! I'm really happy to hear you're feeling better! I'm going through a spike at the moment and your post has really helped, so thanks for that. :)

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