My "Tinnitus Attacks" — Similar to Smoke Alarm Going Off — Are Getting Worse

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      I have been losing my hearing slowly for 19 years.

      Until a few months ago, I could still hear somewhat with my hearing aid. Two months ago, I woke up and my hearing was gone. My tinnitus in the left ear was pulsating for 18 years. My right ear was a myriad of noises, none pleasant.

      Then a few months ago, the right ear played songs from my past all day long, sometimes the same one for hours. One of the songs got stuck one day like an old record player used to. Shortly after that, the right ear played music I couldn’t understand, people talking, and some horrible voice that sounded threatening. It rotated between those until last week.

      Tonight my left ear sounded like an orchestra and my right ear like a drone or machine. They are what I call “attacks” which normally last for a few hours. Until three days ago, it only happened about once a year. Now it’s happened five times in three days.

      The only way I can describe it is as a loud smoke alarm going off at your ear. The first night I woke up my husband and told him the smoke detector was going off and he said no, it wasn’t. I was running down the hallway trying to see where it was coming from as only having some hearing in one ear, I never knew where sounds were coming from. When he finally made me understand, I got hysterical. It lasted until I went to sleep after taking a sleeping pill.

      The past few days have been unbearable, I’ve been hysterical, taking anti anxiety meds which don’t help the noise, but calms me down eventually.

      I’m sorry to be so long winded.

      I just want to know if anyone else has had these episodes and if anything helped?

      I don’t expect the tinnitus to get better but I can’t live with these attacks.
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      I've had songs play in my mind. It can sometimes be guidance to make a change...

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