My Tinnitus Had a 2-Day Vacation

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bobbie7, Feb 17, 2016.

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      After having consistent T for many months in my right ear, having gone to the ENT doctor and having a hearing test and subsequently being told I had sub-clinical hearing loss, suddenly.....two days ago my T stopped!!! WOW!!! For two entire days I enjoyed my silence, relished each and every moment of it - of hearing "nothing" in my right ear - only those familiar sounds which most others perceive. Imagine this: I rejoiced over "nothing" ! Could this be a miracle I thought????? I can honestly say I was so elated that if ALL 11,418 members (thus far) were here 2 days ago I would have summoned all to the corner bar and bought each a round of drinks to celebrate! But... but... this was not meant to be --- that is, the absence of horrible consistent sound my right ear was hosting. In the wee hours of the morning on what was nearly my second day of my serenity when I awoke briefly, I heard something... something only too familiar, the buzzing/hissing and some times high pitched tuner-fork kind of sound --- THAT was back home! The vacation was over. I had this feeling it was all too good to be true!

      I know many here have had MRI's and I am wondering what affect it had on their T. Many years ago when I was having this "headache in my eye" which lasted a long while, the doctor suggested I have an MRI which I did. At that time they didn't place earphones on your head for protection but gave me these cheesy foam earplugs. In the midst of all that noise and feeling as though I were of a battlefield, one of my earplugs fell out and there was no way to signal this to the technician. I have since in the past had another MRI for a different reason and the headphones were used but... even though they were adequate to block out the really loud accompanying noises, they still weren't that great and I heard those background booms. Although this is NOT the cause of my present T since it was done many, many years ago I am wondering if people are hesitant to have MRI's now. I would like to have one actually but due to my past experience I am hesitant and fearful, not wanting to encourage my T to have a wild party in my ear. I am interested to know what others think.

      I would like to know if other members have experienced some hours/days of silence as I have and, if so, how long did it last?

      Well, here I am again - with that persistent buzzing, something akin to my own "white noise" resounding in my right ear and I am doing what so many wise members have wisely advised, specifically to occupy myself with everything which interests me, to keep busy, busy, busy and to NOT concentrate on the T.

      Sorry I couldn't buy you all drinks but it wasn't meant to be.

      Wishing all a pleasant day.


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