My Tinnitus Recently Got Worse

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kipp, Apr 24, 2019.

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      ear infection
      I've had tinnitus in my right ear since I got an ear infection in 2017. It was loud at first but then after the ear infection went away it subsided to where I got used to it and I could deal with it. Then I got another ear infection in the other ear and got tinnitus in the left ear but it was much quieter.
      About five days ago I used a pin like thing to remove wax from my ears and didn't think much of it. The day after I noticed swelling in my left ear. The day after that I noticed my tinnitus had got louder and more high pitched in the left ear.

      I was/ am also experiencing dizziness, nausea, loss of balance, lightheadedness and muffled hearing.
      The swelling went down after 3 days but the tinnitus has stayed the same.

      I went to the doctors and he looked in my ears and he said that it was likely labyrinthitis and it should clear up in a few weeks.

      The ringing in my right ear is around 7770 Hz and the ringing in my left ear is louder at around 8160 Hz.

      The ringing in the left ear is more high pitched than everything so it is staying in the foreground at the center of my attention and not allowing me to zone out or my mind to wonder off.
      I have been unable to fall asleep and have had to wait until I pass out from exhaustion.

      I am listening to masking sounds 24/7.

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      I use the tinnitus calmer app with heavy rain for sleep, I can still hear the tinnitus because it is higher pitched but it is better than silence.

      I have been on and off uncontrollably crying for the last few days and have been beating myself up about not seeing a potential risk in using a metal pin to clean my ears. I notice when I am most stressed the tinnitus seems louder and more high pitched and I have read that stress can exacerbate tinnitus so I am trying to stay calm as much as possible. I tried ringing Samaritans (UK helpline) and it was nice to talk to someone and be distracted for a little while.

      I realize now that I took being able to relax and concentrate for granted.

      I am going for a hearing test today to inquire about a tinnitus hearing aid to see how that can help.

      My advice is be careful not to put anything in your ears.

      I am staying hopeful that when/ if the labyrinthitis passes the high pitch of the tinnitus will also subside so it is more bearable.

      I pray for anyone suffering from tinnitus and if I ever recover from this I will never forget what this is like.
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      So very sorry to hear that your tinnitus has worsened, @kipp. Staying hopeful is a good approach, even though it can seem hopeless at times. I recently had a bad spike, due to stress, so different from your situation, but the good news is that it did go back to baseline eventually.
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      Loud noise exposure and excessive ear irrigation
      Kipp, welcome to the forum! I also got tinnitus from cleaning my ears with water. I am still regretting it today. However, after a few months, it will get better.

      Our ears are very sensitive and they heal very slowly but you will get there. Be sure to protect your ears from loud noises from now on. Avoid listening to music via headphones for example. Get a pair of earplugs to carry around with you whenever you need.

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