My Tinnitus Sounds Like a Siren

Discussion in 'Support' started by Chronumbra, Mar 10, 2023.

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      Ever since a long music production session at the end of December which ended with a temporary threshold shift in my hearing, my tinnitus got louder and had been spiking with absolutely all sound. It has become less "reactive" over the past two months, meaning I can enjoy music and everyday sounds without it spiking up as much as it has been.

      There is another tone that primarily lives in my left ear, and it sounds a bit like a siren or a radio gone haywire that glides up and down in pitch all day long. Occasionally it will remain on one pitch at either 1 kHz or 3 kHz and echo behind certain sounds - it's very bizarre. Any ideas on the mechanism at play here? I don't see a lot of people talking about having this tone.

      The weirdest part is that this tone seems to switch ears - it is usually in my left ear, but sometimes switches over to my right ear. Sometimes it even sounds like it's coming from behind my head! What's happening here?

      Overall, I experience fewer days with this tone than I experienced in January, so I guess it's slowly but surely getting better. It's just very unusual.

      The higher pitched ringing is getting quieter as well. I have noticed that the more time I spend listening to music, engaging in conversations, or spend time in places with a lot of ambient noise, my tinnitus is quieter after. Not just masked, but actually almost gone for a while before returning.
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