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      Hello everyone,

      I will keep it short - My annoying tinnitus stared more than a year back.
      The onset was due to intense heat, plugged feeling, fullness, and too much vax reaction from detoxification attempt. I was told to use heavy mental detoxification binders to that I had and in my body, and other issues like systemic infections.
      During the detox experiment, both ears were very heated, the soft bones were paining, the ear canals were hurting, vax was oozing, they were plugged, had lost some hearing. This condition went on for few days and resulted in ringing sound. After a month that condition improved, ears came back to normal, hearing became normal but the tinnitus never went away from the left ear, the right ear recovered fine.

      I went to see an ENT, he seems credible. He checked me, asked me to do a hearing test that came back normal. My hearing is normal. I do not have any infections in ears or dental.
      He didn't give me any significant diagnosis as to why the ringing is happening. The only this he told me that I was sinus inflammation, my cervical is stiff, muscles are stiff and that can possibly cause my ringing. And according to him, there is no cure for this. He advised me to take good diet, anti-inflammatory, fix neck with ergonomics. that's all.

      I did some reading, it feels like Eustachian Tube Dysfunction issue, middle ear problem caused by heat, pressure etc. But the doctor didn't even mention any of this. His diagnosis told me only chronic sinus inflammation and narrowing of our ear canal.
      My question is does that sound familiar? is there a specific diagnosis of this? Is this treatable? Has anyone successfully treated this kind? And how?

      Thanks !
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      mild head trauma (muscle tension)

      Im sorry to hear about your difficulties regarding the diagnosis. I too have neck stifness and some etd problems. And you'll find many members on this forum who are strugling with the same problem

      For the treatment. Physio therapy can really help bring the neck stiffnss down. If your t comes from there it can also reduce it. Its not a 100% cure for the majority of people. But it can help. For me physio helped a lot. I think your doctor gave some good advise on that and the inflammatory diet.

      For the etd. There are several treads here that discuss fighting etd. This includes steroid nasal sprays and steaming with a inhalator machine. Try to talk about your doctor about the use of nasal steroids. With over the counter use they advise it to use it for 5 days because of potential rebound effects. But the doctor can look into it and advise a as long as needed use.

      Maybe its interesting to get checked for allergies if you have chronic sinus infection??

      I hope you find a solution for these things.
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