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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Chava22611, Jun 21, 2018.

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      So pretty much it all started one night after work I was just in a quiet place then I could hear a steady sound coming from my ear. I started to panic and of course went straight to Google. It went from thinking nothing of it to straight panic mode thinking I was gonna be deaf or go crazy with this sound. The cause that made it happen was I was under a lot of stress and anxiety was at it's peak.

      It went days with it hoping it would stop but it didn't work until I started reading the success stories which a sure me it would stop once I focus my attention to something else and just prayed since I'm a Christian.

      Eventually the sound didn't bother too much which lead to one day noticing it went away. I know it's difficult or hard to live with it but don't give up hope or become depressed from this. One day you will hear silence again.

      If You already had anxiety before that try to calm down and relax as much. Once the panic and anxiety goes away so will the tinnitus.

      I believe praying helped a big part in my recovery as it kept me calm and gave me a reason for hope so maybe you should give it a try
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      Perforated eardrum
      I kinda agree with this and also saw some video where praying/meditation helped cure Tinnitus.

      How long you had Tinnitus?

      Did you eventually forget to notice even in the night before sleeping? I am at a phase where I am fine all the day ignoring T except in the night when I get to bed.
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      injury from noxious noise
      great news
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      Sudden hearing loss
      I can't wait to get there. Congrats!

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