Naltrexone as a Tinnitus Treatment

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Bill Bauer, Nov 27, 2017.

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      For how many years have you been taking this combo? For how long can you continue taking these?
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      Since 2017 and "no one knows". I've withdrawn from this dose of Clonazepam before after years of use and it was a slow and fairly painful process.

      Most doctors would be extremely reluctant to prescribe this as a long-term combination, and with good reason. Mine certainly was, and I think it was only my prior history with benzodiazepines combined with my roughly fifteen year history of trying and documenting every other thing under the sun, which pushed him over the edge.

      Being dependent on controlled substances is crappy in a lot of ways; anxiety about a federally mandated change of some kind in prescribing requirements always looms, I have to pee in a cup once a year to satisfy the state that I am taking my meds (that month) and not also smoking a ton of fentanyl and meth (within the days prior to the test), there's a lot of nonsense to it.

      To be clear, I don't use hard drugs of any kind (besides the prescribed benzodiazepine) but the testing setup is pretty dumb, a point my doctor makes every year when I have to do it. It's only going to weed out the most absolutely hardcore addicts, except it will fail at that because they probably just bring someone else's pee in a bag taped to the inside of their leg.

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