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Discussion in 'Support' started by Dustydom, Oct 27, 2014.

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      Got my ENT specialist appointment on Wednesday. It's on the NHS so I am worried that as he isn't getting paid per patient, he will just tell me I have to live with it as there is nothing he can do.

      However I hope there is, and I want to know how best to guide the ENT to think it is worth investigating. I got Tinnitus about 2 months whilst at sea working on a ship. No exposure to loud noise other than short trips to engine room and pump room. Total exposure no more than 1 hr over 4 months. It started off with a spaces out slightly dizzy feeling that would come and go. Experienced this twice before in my life, was diagnosed with left sided Maxillory sinusitis and treated with nasonex, which made it go away twice before. This time it did go away but turned into Tinnitus. Then after a month it came back, but I started to notice it episodes started after taking the nasonex I was still using to treat the tinnitus. So I stopped the spray and the dizzy feeling went away again. So it seems to me my sinuses are full of fluid, and this is preventing my ears from draining. I get ear fullness and mild ear pain, and a few times I have felt liquid moving in my ears. I even put my finger in to see if there was moisture. Also the tinnitus seems to die right down when I lie down. I have pain around my nose often as well, and I know my sinus spaces are confined and twisted for my old CT scan, and was told I might need an operation to let them drain.

      So that's my theory , inner ear fluid. Is there anything I should ask for, or ask about. Does this theory sound logical. I know I probably will have to learn to live with Tinnitus, but I don't want to miss an opportunity to find out what is causing it. I know it isn't that bad compared to what other people have, no hearing loss that I can detect, but the typical depression and anxiety.
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      Just like you stated, your T is worth investigating because it's definitely related to ENT-issues and not caused by loud noise. There's chance that something can be done about it.

      Also, let the ENT know how much it impacts your life.

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