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Discussion in 'Support' started by PBJazz, Mar 11, 2018.

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      After feeling pretty stuffed-up and strange for awhile, I began hearing a light humming in my right year. I had an ear infection in that ear for a few days that mysteriously went away too. I decided it was ear wax and put my drops in it, only to have it get completely clogged and ringing. I went to Urgent Care who said I had fluid in my ear and to take some allergy medicine. The clog went away but the ringing did not so I went to an ENT.

      He was very unfriendly and only looked into my ears like Urgent Care did. He said there was no fluid and had an attitude that the Urgent Care doctor didn't write that down on her report and argued with me on whether or not she actually said that. Then he stood up, said it might be a tumor in my ear and dismissed me so he can order me a MRI. I freaked out and he got annoyed and said it would not be cancer and left me standing there. I went home feeling angry and disappointed and then 4 hours later his equally unfriendly nurse called and said they wanted to bring me back for a Hearing Test.

      Both my ears have been feeling clogged and I have been eating Mucinex D and Sudafed which helps me a lot. I am convinced it's not a tumor. I'm afraid the MRI will make the ringing worse.

      Basically, my question is: Should I get the MRI and then dump him or should I go to another doctor before I get the MRI? I'm very unemployed and have Medicaid so I think it wouldn't be expensive for me to do.

      Thanks all. I have been lurking on the forums for awhile and it's been a huge help :)
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      I just had a CT scan last week to rule a tumor out. I suspect any ENT is going to recommend that, as well as hearing tests (I've had three of those thus far). Good luck to you.
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      It's quite common for an ENT to order a MRI to rule out an acoustic neuroma (noncancerous growth that develops on the eighth cranial nerve). I had it done while using ear protection. They sometimes offer you anxiety medication if you're afraid of enclosed spaces. The procedure took 15-20 minutes and didn't affect my tinnitus.
      As far as dumping your ENT, unless there are other conditions, you'll realize there is just so much he/she can do for tinnitus.

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