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Discussion in 'Support' started by wannabenihonjin, May 13, 2015.

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      Hi, my T started in early January and has come and gone since then, I have also developed a slew of different symptoms that my doctors don't seem to care about. My T started in only my right ear, but in the past month I have noticed that I have it in my left as well, but has a different sound to it. My right ear is a medium pitch ringing sound, and my left ear is a very quiet, but persistent white-noise or static-like sound (very hard to describe).

      The most recent symptoms are that every morning I wake up with a stuffy nose that lasts only about an hour, one of my nostrils is always blocked/clogged so I cant use the nasonex effectively. Whenever I lay down I get this rumbling or shaking feeling in my right ear, almost like my inner ear is vibrating or trembling. Every since I got T my ears have been popping/crackling constantly and I now have the ability to open my Eustachian tubes at will it seems.

      There are two things that help the ringing in my right ear only and that is sleeping less (or just laying down less) and getting more sunlight (I dont go outside all that much) Personally I think that all this has to do with the direction of my head. Like if I was able to sleep standing up I wouldn't have ringing in my right ear.

      I'm writing this because the doctors in my city are horrible and it takes 2-3 months to get one test done and don't know what to do that wont cost me all my life savings. I'm having a MRI/MRA with contrast done on the 20th and hopefully that will show something.

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      Yeah i had t in my left first and when my right ear developed it later on it was different sound also maybe because they werent onset together...and i also developed crackling and popping in ears and pressure after T my doctor said it was chronic sinusitis that it was not connected to my T..BS i never suffered from this after T... t brings more symptoms to the package than just the ringing on some people..

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