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Discussion in 'Support' started by Rims, Aug 30, 2013.

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      I am experiencing tinnitus for the past 10 days. I guess it is in both my ears. Cant make out.
      Went to an ENT doctor and for the first 3 days she prescribed Levoroid.

      This didnt give me any relief so she gave me the following to be taken for 5 days;
      Omnacortil 20mg
      Relent OD
      Drego D
      Mucoris nasal drops

      This didnt change anything. So on the 8th day, she asked me to get a pure tone audiometry and impedance test done.
      Audiometry said there is mild loss in 8khz frequency in the left ear around 40db.
      I had audiometry test done 4 years ago in 2009. At that time also the loss in 8khz frequency in the left ear was 25db.

      Seeing these results, my doctor said that this small loss cant give me tinnitus and my tinnitus was mainly due to stress and anxiety.
      So she has now prescribed me these for 10 days.
      Omnacortil 10mg
      Sibelium 10 mg
      Relent od
      Drego D

      I dont listen to music using earphone nor have i been exposed to any loud noise.
      I dont have ear pain or jaw pain.
      Few days before i had tinnitus, i was feeling the presence of impacted wax in my ears. So i used some ear drops and tried cleaning with a qtip.
      But when i visited the ENT, she said there was no wax and my ear canal was clean and a bit dry.
      I was under some stress lately. Once i broke down and was crying. After this incident my ringing became continuous.

      What should I do now? Has anyone faced a similar situation? Is there a cure in homeopathy or alternative medicine. Please help.
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      Genetics, Beats by Dre, Work

      Hey mate, welcome to the T club :(
      You story sounds so much like mine minus the ENT and copious amounts of drugs.... I am yet to see a "proper doctor" one who doesn't dismiss me straight away with the old "its permanent, live with it" I haven't seen an ENT either but I have had mine constantly ringing for almost 2 months now, I do work around very noisy machinery 6months out of the year but always wear class 5 ear protection I do fly one planes 2ce every 5 days and I USED to wear ear plugs until T but been too scared to wear them since, yours is still very new so it might subside and you might be one of the lucky ones, I hope so for your sake but if not you will still be ok, when I first got T I was having panic attacks 24/7 and could not stop hearing this "crickets and constant eeeeeeeeeeeeek" tone inside my head now I have relaxed a little, its still there all the bloody time but I manage to drowned it out with keeping busy and having my music playing, there is so many good ppl on here will and eager to help especially the newbies to T you will certainly not feel alone amongst the ranks on TT, hope you are having a better day
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      Stress induced.
      @Rims; Are you alright now? Did you get rid of the T or do ya still have it?

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