Need Letter From ENT for Insurance Purposes About Long-Term Effects of My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by greek2u, Mar 1, 2015.

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      Hello everyone,
      I am new to this forum. Last year I was diagnosed with tinnitus as a result of a concussion and have been receiving treatment over the last 7 months through the use of tinnitus hearing devices that mask the ringing. I have also received quantitative data that indicates that my tinnitus has not improved over the last year.
      As part of a settlement process, I am in need for a medical statement from an ENT that indicates that based on current data, my tinnitus condition will most likely continue and may have long-term effects.
      Does anyone have advice or experience for how to get ENT to provide a letter that includes this type of information for insurance purposes?
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      your ent should know what to write? doctors write letters for insurance all the time.
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      Agree with Stink. Your ENT should take care of it.
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      Ok, thanks.

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