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Discussion in 'Support' started by Joshua, Oct 15, 2015.

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      Hi everyone. I stopped coming to TT frequently a while ago, as it seems to help me adapt more by not reminding myself of my condition. Tonight I just wanted to seek some friendly thoughts because I'm in a bad way.

      My T is in my right ear, left ear was fine. I'm finishing up a two week business trip and have experienced a spike nearly the whole time - i tend to be affected by fatigue and nothing fatigues a body more than jet lag with no time to rest.
      I just came down with food poisoning this evening and have been in a horrible state. Achy and nauseous, a real nightmare.

      If i don't recover after 24 hours, I'll need to take cipro, which i see on the forum some folks have had a bad experience with. does anyone know of alternatives to cipro that are considered safer for people like us? I haven't been able to find anything on the forum, a link to the right place would be helpful, if there is one.

      Worse, I tried to sleep the food poisoning off but woke up after jut a couple of hours - and now i have ringing in my other ear! So I'm feeling a bit of despair - away from my family, alone in a third world hotel, sick, sleepless, and a spike in both ears when only one ear ever bothered me. Which, of course, leads to panic that the new ear buzz won't ever go away.

      So now the old panic is back, the instinctive one we all feel when the T enters our life or enters a new phase. I'm hoping the new ear will go away once I've rested up but the food poisoning is making my panic worse. I can't take a xanax due to the stomach...

      Sorry to rant, i just needed to let out my frustrations.

      Any advice on cipro or an alternative would be appreciated, and warm fuzzies, at this point, would be manna from heaven.

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