Need Support. Very Loud Low-Pitched Tinnitus, Loud Noise Exposure. I Hate Helicopters.

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      This is a total rant and I'm disorganized so I'm sorry

      Hi, I've had the usual high-pitched hear-over-everything scream that a lot of y'all have for 2 years now, along with moderate to severe hyperacusis and EXTREMELY reactive tinnitus to noise, medication, and exercise. Two months ago I took 2 advil and developed a loud humming in my right ear (it had been there before but barely noticeable). The spike created by the advil never really decreased and after a month and a half with no improvement I assumed it was permanent.

      Now. A week and a half ago, I'm walking outside with some friends when I hear a plane in the distance that was quite loud. Next thing I know, I realize that a big-ass military or police helicopter is flying toward us and is about to head directly over our heads. This is just in a residential neighborhood in a nice Chicago suburb. I am plugging my ears and we are not far from my friends front door. We didn't get to the front door in time and this very, very loud helicopter passes by literally right over us, like, not a few meters to the left or right, but right the fuck over us and right over this apartment complex. I plugged my ears but it was not sufficient to mitigate the very powerful air waves created by the helicopter, just this booming, loud, low-pitched cluster of sounds... I digress. Point is, I really could not have afforded for such a serious spike by such seriously powerful air and sound waves (you could feel the air coming off the blades). I am kicking myself hardcore because there were a number of situations in which I could have avoided this thing. I definitely had the time to run to my car and get in to mitigate some of the noise, but I stayed put because I was waiting on my friends to catch up to me. I just feel retarded, I mean, it really wasn't something I could have expected but at the same time, we were thiiiis close to not going on that walk at all. I was with my girlfriend and she didn't want to walk because it was cold, but I goaded her into doing it anyway. I had all these REALLY WEIRD vibes before it happened too. Like, I somehow knew something would happen. I was in a terrible mood that day and it was as if I had a series of signs that led to me think that I should run to my car, and yet I did not and was totally blasted by this thing that shouldn't have fucking been there in the first place in the middle of a day when there's a bunch of kids outside.

      Anyway, so the past is past, and now I'm dealing with it every second. I have a loud pure tone in my right ear at 340hz. This is a flat, out of tune low F just blaring, I can hear it everywhere. Does anyone have any advice for lower pitched tinnitus? It literally makes me sick to my stomach, just this loud hearing test tone BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. It feels like it's getting louder every day and it's very reactive to sound, especially car travel.

      I just can't cope with it anymore. I knew as soon as that helicopter passed above my head with its extremely powerful low tones that it would totally fuck up the humming in my right ear, and it did, beyond my predictions. I've been extremely depressed and anxious for the past two years. My tinnitus was caused primarily by antidepressant medications, and I react poorly to all of those that I have tried, and I've already exhausted the resources of my psychiatrist and am consulting with a psychotherapist. I've been deathly afraid of developing loud low-pitched "humming" tinnitus. And now I have it, VERY LOUD. I've been sleeping terribly. This is just so fucked up, I mean. I really, really, really should have ran to my car and got in, but I didn't, and just because of that split-second little decision, I have 340hz blaring in my right ear and is spreading into my left. I have had the same pitch an octave up (so 680hz) for some time now and it is not a tenth as irritating. Something about the low pitch is literally stomach churning. I feel ill. It's just been at full bore, it doesn't change when I move my head or jaw or anything, just 340HZ every second since the helicopter. Oh, I also developed a new morse code tone in my left ear and another tone in my left ear, I developed at least 3 new tones, and I'm not even talking about those. It would be great if these tones would settle down but noooooo never. Just stuck with it and it's only getting louder. Seriously, just go to a tone generator and play 340hz and crank it and that's what I'm hearing.

      HALP :(
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      Hey man so sorry to hear this. This next part is just my opinion but I do think that if you rest your ears for sometime they can heal themselves to an extent. I can only imagine how anxious you are so I know you might not want to but some anxiety meds can be very helpful. They were for me. Now I don't think you should see any psychologist. Try an. find one experienced in treating patients with t . We can't do anything about the past but you can takes steps to make sure the future gets better. If you need to talk you can pm me anytime man.
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      Hello - did your t subside ?
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      wish you well. you're suffering emotional adrenalin shock from that dreadful experience.
      imo its more that than causal damage. this is hopefully a temporary spike, brain gone
      into emergency response is looking for you to calm down. Difficult but try. You're added
      to my prayers. I understand.

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