Neuro Calm Pro Tinnitus Supplement Is a SCAM — Full Body of Evidence Presented

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      Hello Tinnitus Talk, I just busted this new scam called Neuro Calm Pro that debuted earlier this month. For those who know about my post or tinnitus scams; you know that these scam formats are extremely common.

      They already managed to flood Google search results with dozens of pages of fake reviews and propaganda. But now we finally have one for real review on this fake tinnitus cure. They are making the claim that sound therapy and supplements combined can cure tinnitus. They cited a fake online tinnitus community the author created and failed to provide any evidence that their supplement works.

      Google Drive Full Version of Report

      Scam Supplement in Question

      Video in Question

      Main Report

      - - this video story is entire fiction used to sell a scam - -

      We are introduced to Gerade Watson, a 55-year-old from Denver Colorado. Mr. Watson used to suffer from extremely intrusive tinnitus. He was forced into a surgery where an unspecified part of his ear was amputated. The surgery made his hearing worse and damaged a facial nerve giving him neuropathy in his tongue. The doctors treating him did nothing but show apathy before and after the malpractice. Despite things seeming hopeless; Gerade is determined to investigate and learn why there isn’t a cure for tinnitus. In his investigations he uncovers a lot. One of his first discoveries made is that Neuromonics sound therapy technology can be reverse engineered at a fraction of the price. In the story Gerade is assisted by a world class music composer to reverse engineer Neuromonics technology. A small scale clinical trial is held and it is a major success. Over half of the subjects reported 60% reduction in tinnitus and improvement in hearing. This is an extremely problematic error the scammers made because Neuromonics is for the most part a palliative treatment. They do not claim to reduce tinnitus; but rather distress caused by tinnitus. Furthermore, the Neuromonics company is indeed expensive; but they made no claim whatsoever about hearing improvement. Scammers are misusing Neuromonics name for their own publicity.

      In the middle (25:00) of the video we are informed that Gerade created an online tinnitus support group (much like Tinnitus Talk) and that is how he managed to conduct and organize the trial. 28:40-29:30 timestamp range we are informed about another clinical trial that took place in a top secret location. In that top secret location, tens of thousands of ingredients were tested and only the ones effective at treating tinnitus were weeded out. In this top secret location a tinnitus trial was held and a 100% success rate clinical trial was achieved (clip here). Once again, everything in this story is 100% false. 47,000 people were not cured, there were no trials held, Gerade doesn’t exist. Finally, there is no ear removal surgery for tinnitus. That makes no sense! This entire story is bunk and they are scammers that are trying to steal money from the desperate. KEEP AWAY!

      • FenuGreek Extract
      • Saw Palmetto
      • Fennel Seed
      • L-tyrosine
      • Mexican Yam
      • Pacific Kelp
      • Damiana
      • Dong Quia
      • Mother Wort
      • Black Cohosh
      • Oat Grass
      • Blessed Thistle
      • Hops Extract

      False Claims

      Fake FDA Claim
      I checked on the FDA database and a national index of US supplements and I could not find anything about this company. The FDA rarely approves supplements; so it is almost certain that this claim is bogus. Note, there is another “NeuroCalm” supplement that is owned by a different company and is 100% unrelated.


      Fake Testimonials Highlighted

      ➡️ Video Evidence



      Dual Website Trick
      Both of these websites are on the SAME SERVER according to


      Public Google Drive Back Up of the Report

      Below Is a Picture for Online Image Results
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