New Continental ContiSilent Tire Technology to Sharply Reduce Road Noise

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Johno, Jan 8, 2014.

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      acoustic trauma
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      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD
      Thanks! That useful information.
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      Never really bothered me.
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      Acoustic trauma
      I would assume it is the same the world over but I find depending on the type of asphalt or mix that road contractors use has a real bearing on the road noise.
      In NZ here there seems to be two textures or mixers that they use, one makes super loud road noise that I can't handle, is a near white or cream in color and the other seems relatively quiet in comparison and is a dark grey in color, of course when they tar seal the road there is little or next to no road noise at all!

    5. jeffie7

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      Many factors. Type of car, how much sound deadening used, type of tires and size of tires.

      My Subaru sits between 85-90db at 60mph with the clutch pushed in. Car had zero sound deadening and sport tires. My old 350z was 90-95db when rolling at 60mph. Big tires they were very grippy.

      I've been wearing ear plugs for a long time while driving sportier cars.

      Another thing to factor in is the condition of the tires. Honda had a massive recall on the civic due to the control arms being slightly out of spec causing tires to feather. Once a tire fathers the road noise goes way way up. My wife's civic was very loud, her tires had another 30k miles left on them but I had them changed out due to sound and wow was there a big difference in sound.

      Anyone with T should look at getting a midsize car like a Accord or Camry or better. Make sure it has all season tires. At least in the states they have pretty good sound deadening. Civic and corolla... Not so much.

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