New Guy Here, Been Suffering For A Year Almost

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Lifeguard_Mike, Aug 17, 2013.

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      Hello, my name is Mike and I had my T start around November 2012.
      I really don't know how it started, but I do know that I got my wisdom teeth pulled out not too long ago from from November 2012. Though it can be a TMJ problem, I believe it can be something else too. You see, I'm also into fitness and I remember once flexing in front of a mirror (bodybuilding purposes) and remember that I may gone a bit overboard, but not in the sense that my face would turn purple ect. I than remember going to my bed not too long after and than while relaxing I get this weird feeling in my ear. It was like a pressure on the right side, and it wouldn't go away. I tried blocking my nose and blowing, and that didn't help either. I remember I was so tired that I decided to sleep it off. Next day it was still there and I manged to work the whole day in an indoor pool. The moment I got home I noticed that the pressure was gone, but now there was a hissing tea kettle sound in my ears. I was freaking out! Never in my life was I ever in this situation. I still managed to go to school, finish my year despite my struggles.

      I've been going to see a doctor, and long story short, I did a hearing test and my doctor said since my hearing is good that there is nothing much we can do but I had to live with it.

      I seriously have struggled, been depressed, (suicidal at times) lack of motivation for the gym (which I was really good, people would admire my work ethic) and now this all seems like it hit an all time low for me. Whats worse is that when I flex I find my T seems to get worse,(and than constantly worse) which makes it even more depressing for me to work out. As of now I have two sounds (hissing tea kettle and a sort of high pitched beep sound and sometimes even a low constant machine sort of sound).

      I really like to get back on track with my life, find motivation, and not only help myself, but my family around me. Lately my mom has helped me so much, and it makes her sad that I'm feeling this way. I really want to change this around, but I'm really finding it hard. I'm 20 years old, at the starting point of my career in life, and this has to happen to me now? Words can't describe how depressed I feel.

      I'm here for feedback, your stories, your remedies and support.
      Thank You
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      Stress induced.
      Mike, that's very sad to hear. I'm just gonna say what everyone's going to say(and it's the truth too!); you'll learn to live with it. Initial months/years can be the most horrible ones, but later you'll learn to manage it well. I'm not a tinnitus sufferer, but my mom is. She's had it since 5 years. She also has Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis. I guess she gets her T from Cervical Spondylosis. There are lots of reasons for tinnitus. I, like you, am a fitness freak. I LOVE working out and I can't do without it! But, lately I'm experiencing neck pain and lower back pain. Could be due to some problem due to wrong workouts, or it can also be due to my excessive reading hours, I'm having my tests in 2 months. But either way, I've reduced my workout sessions and exercises, because I'm fearing a spondylosis in future and that can cause a lot of problems. I'm saying this because you seem to get your T due to an injury somewhere near your neck too. So reduce your workouts, as that's most probably your cause for the T. Only YOU can find out what increases/decreases your T. Weather changes can also affect your T. Notice everything that affects your T and then adapt to it accordingly. I know it feels like it's so easy for me to say all this since I don't suffer from this, but I see my mom suffer from this problem everyday and it makes me very sad. First 2 years of the T, she used to feel horrible. But now, she's learned to ignore it, and she can hear it only during the night time, when the surroundings are very silent. She doesn't have problems sleeping too. So, don't think too much about it. Stop doing things that increases your T, and use ear protection when you go outside. More suggestions and help will be provided by other users on this forum, they're much experienced and more helpful. I really feel sad that you got this at such a young age(I'm 20 too), but I hope your T noise reduces and you learn to ignore it and live comfortably. Have a splendid weekend. (y)
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