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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TrevorP, Mar 1, 2014.

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      Hi everyone,

      I feel I need to investigate my tinnitus myself since my doctor is next to useless on the subject. Before we get there I'll start with a brief history.

      I have had chronic sinusitis off and on for seemingly a decade now. During one of the sinusitis flare-ups, at the beginning of this month, I woke up at night with loud, high pitched tinnitus having never had it before. I also felt pressure in the ears and clicking / cracking noises. I went to my doctor and he wasn't sure if it would help the tinnitus but prescribed me a steroid nasal spray for my sinuses. I have been using it since. However neither my sinuses nor my tinnitus have been getting any better.

      At first my tinnitus only came at night. It also got significantly worse if I lay flat as opposed to sitting up. In the morning I'd wake up with it but it would quickly vanish when I walked around. The doctor claims I just can't hear it during the day but I know that's not the case. It is ridiculously loud at night so it can't possibly just be "masked" during the day.

      For the last week I have had tinnitus both day and night, though still much worse at night. The tinnitus also frequently changes (many times a day) from one ear to the other, volume, pitch. As it seemed to be getting worse I went back to the doctor. He had no further suggestions except to turn on a fan at night and wait for Spring. Sigh. So I came here.

      I am thinking / hoping the tinnitus may be caused by Eustachian tube dysfunction. I know that some tinnitus is permanent. My Mom has had it for 30 years with no known cause. I just feel like I would like to at least have some actual tests performed to see if I can figure out what's going on before admitting that I have to live with this blasted noise for the rest of my life.

      Sorry for the rant. Didn't sleep the best for obvious reasons. Still getting used to this.
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      The doctor shouldn't be telling you that you just can't hear it during the day. Each person's T is different. The doctor has no scientific way of knowing what or when you can hear the sounds. A very small percentage of people's T can be heard by doctors doing an exam, something like 1% from what I've read, but that doesn't sound like your situation.

      If you're not satisfied with the doctor's comments, are you able to go see another doctor? Sometimes people need to see multiple doctors before they find they help they're looking for. What kind of doctor did you see? Was it a general practitioner?
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      Hi, Trevor, and welcome!

      Some people have had success, when their doctors were no help, by going to an audiologist. Audiologists may be able to help where an ENT may not. Have you tried that yet? There are many new maskers and other devices out there that might help you. Have you had an audiogram (hearing test) yet?

      Best wishes,
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      Hi smel and Karen,

      The doctor I've went to about was just a general practitioner. He didn't seem to think there was much need for further investigation but I would really like to see an ENT. Going to phone up Monday and see if I can't more forcefully request a referral. I don't wish to be a nuisance but at the same time I feel that maybe there's more going on than just T as I have other active ear symptoms. If the doctor refuses the referral I definitely think the audiologist route may be my next step.

      In the mean time I will try (and hope you do too) to enjoy my weekend,

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