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      remote Az.
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      best i can recall maybe i survived an explosion at 18 y.o.
      Greetings everyone. Great to be here; at my age it's great to be anywhere.

      50 years of cicadas buzzing in my head. Always been able to ignore it but lately my family can't take any more of me asking for repeats and saying "huh?" etc. So I'm looking into doing something about it for their sake. When I get to the "almost asleep" stage it stops but I can't stay in that phase for more than 3-4 seconds. At least it doesn't keep me awake.

      I have studied tinnitus EXHAUSTIVELY, EXTENSIVELY and still have one big question. If there is no cure, why are there so many people on the internet who say that they have been cured?? They can't all be scammers. most of the ones I've read about aren't selling anything; they are just celebrating their freedom from the noise...
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    2. Elmer B Fuddled

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      plugged nasal eustachian tube
      I went through the same, "huh,what?"

      Until the wife said "I can't take the WHAT any longer, do some thing.

      My tinnitus is a high ring and hiss sound plus hearing loss from ear infection. So after 3 audiologists with the same report from them. I went for hearing aids with a masking app for the tinnitus, it helps. But like yourself 45 years of the habit of saying "WHAT " is hard to be rid of.

      I'm 71 years young. But the hearing aids have changed my hearing and I can now sit with people and have conversations. Tinnitus takes a long time to get used to our brain is working hard to get the hearing signal our ears are sending. Plus one side effect is we always seem to check if we can hear that damn tinnitus, which leads to mental distractions.

      So take an hour visit a good audiologist and discuss your options.

      And yes if you read the success posts there are many who have found silence but it did not happen overnight, no scams just honest reports of success.

      Reading the internet is not recommended for all that is there it becomes like an addiction looking for that one fix. You have found this sight with a high community of support and we are all on the same ship.

      Take care
      Hope this helps a bit.
    3. Bill Bauer
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      February, 2017
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Naturally tinnitus gradually fades for many people.

      There are some treatments in the pipeline, so there is hope even for the people whose tinnitus hasn't faded.

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