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      Sudden hearing loss/music/stress
      This title was just to be sure to have a maximum of views and because I found that humor is one of the resource that can help to cope with this f.... condition ! Laughing out loud to cover this unwanted guest noise !
      So to introduce myself I'm French living in Belgium and suffering from T since 02/2008 after an episode of idiopathic sudden hearing loss in my right ear ! Idiopathic does not mean that I got it because I am a pathetic idiot but it means that the doctor was not able to explain the cause. However, I suspect stress to be the culprit as I am quite an anxious animal and was under a lot of stress when it happened. Could also have been a late adverse effect of a course of antibiotics or the resurgence from an old acoustic trauma I had after a music festival when I was 18 (but I doubt about this last possibility) or all these together...
      Anyway I will probably never know and I stopped trying to figure out. However, I tried to work on stress management and music volume to avoid any further damage (which is quite difficult for a musician plagued with tinnitus)...
      Even if my hearing is still good the tinnitus has bilateralized and worsened mainly after two events: a loud party without earplugs in April 2013 and another episode of sudden hearing loss (in the left ear this time) one month ago after a simple phone call ! Again stress and fatigue had perhaps played a role in the worsening as well because they are still chronically accompanying me at a level that is probably toxic to my body and hearing organs/process !
      So the only conclusion I can figure out is that I have definitely to avoid any further noise trauma and work even more to try to reduce my anxiety level...
      Of course I think that sharing and support from fellow sufferers is very important in this matter and so I'm here to help and to get help (and to laugh if possible of course :) !!!).
      So from the helping side I just wanted to say that I started TRT two month ago and that wearing noise generators help me a lot to overcome the anxiety and focusing and that I advise everyone who has difficulties habituating to try it ! White noise is definitely less bothersome that the sound of tinnitus and the devices are quite inconspicuous... Of course I hope (at it is foreseen) to be able to wear them off at some point but I know that I will keep them as a relief solution whenever I need it (essentially when in a quiet environment and/or an anxious period).
      I wish you all a lot of courage and neglecting of T during the Christmas time !
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      I'll never know
      Hey man & welcome! o/

      Great to have someone with your outlook onboard. I try & share the same outlooks as you & I too am an axious fiend, my brain always wants me focus on the bad, the pessimistic ass :p

      Will look forward to your posts :)
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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      I love your optimistic, humorous outlook, too! Welcome aboard, Drox, and best wishes for a very merry Christmas!
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