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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kerry, Mar 4, 2014.

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      Hi all. My experience with T has been long going but minimal mostly. However since about 2 months it has been so loud. It is constant. I am taking some allergy meds now, eat organic, no MSG, drinks lots of water, do drink one coffee daily. I think the T has also effected my hearing a bit too. I'm here for support and info on treatment.
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      Hi, Kerry, and welcome!

      I'm sorry your tinnitus has gotten much worse recently. Have you had an audiogram to test your hearing? It could be that hearing loss is causing your increase in tinnitus, rather than the other way around.

      Another possibility is the allergy meds you are currently taking. How long have you been taking those meds, and have you checked to see if they could be on the list of ototoxic medications?

      It sounds like you are doing everything right in following a good diet, restricting caffeine, etc. We're glad you joined us, and wish you well. Hope you'll look around the forum; you'll find lots of interesting information, and lots of nice people!
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