New Marvel Superhero Inspired by Hearing Impaired Boy

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      New Marvel superhero inspired by hearing impaired boy

      The next superhero has a 5-year-old boy to thank for his inception.

      The story of "Blue Ear" started in spring of last year.

      Anthony Smith, 5, who has no hearing on his right side and hearing loss on his left, told his mom he no longer wanted to wear his blue hearing aid because superheroes didn't wear blue ears.

      Christina D'Allesandro told her son that wasn't the case and emailed marvel comics, hopeful for some backup.

      The response was more than they could have dreamed. Multiple artists at marvel offered their own renditions of "Blue Ear" whose super power allows him to hear faraway calls for help.

      Next Tuesday, Marvel and Phonak, the maker of Anthony's hearing aid, will give "Blue Ear" an official character unveiling in New York.

      "At this event, it's going to be held at a center that works for hearing impaired kids in New York, and we're happy that we're going to see other hearing impaired kids, other families, it's just been an amazing ride," D'Allesandro said.

      There will also be a new "Blue Ear" inspired poster that will be made available nationwide, free of charge, to other kids facing challenges so they can channel their inner super-hero, just like Anthony.

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