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      I have had my itis for many years. At the outset I thought this cannot be. After a week of sleepless nights the doctor just said you have to learn to cope with it.

      A week later after I was so sick my daughter had to take me to the doctor, I was about 60 at the time male by the way, he prescribed alprazolam.

      I certainly am not advocating any drug but this put me immediately to sleep and upon waking felt better. Sleep is still difficult but when I use the medication on average one pill 5 nights a month it revives me.

      My tinnitus today is a constant loud hiss. Years ago it would morph into factory sounds, drum beating and sirens but now pretty much a loud hiss. Maskers never worked for me but coping helped. I took the approach that other people have worse problems even children and if they muddle through so can I.

      The reason I'am posting today is somewhat out of frustration. Tinnitus is hard to explain to others. Friends and family look at you like you very well could be insane so over the years I suffer in silence.

      Today I just felt like I needed to lean on my fellow copers a bit and I thank you for reading. My story is very long and won't bore you any more right now but if you are just starting out maybe your first weeks months or years it gets better, believe me, it does get easier.
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