New Pulsatile Tinnitus, Has Anyone Been Diagnosed with Symptoms Like Mine?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tinman207, Feb 2, 2018.

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      I developed pulsatile tinnitus in my right ear this past October during an illness. In early October, I developed a fever of unknown origin that lasted two weeks, and included night sweats and some odd vascular aching in my arms and other symptoms. Multiple work ups were negative other than an elevated sedimentation rate and CRP. The CRP returned to normal quickly, but the sed rate took a few months to go back down. About two months prior I was having odd sensations in my ear and a doctor told me it didn’t look infected, but there was some fluid in there. No treatment at the time was indicated he felt, and I thought it went away.

      During my illness in October, I developed very loud PT in the right ear in sync with my heart rate, that would stop if I put pressure on my jugulars or carotid. It was very persistent for two days and then seemed to resolve.

      The fever was never diagnosed, and they said they thought it could possibly have been menengitis or some type of vasculitis, but they just didn’t know.

      About a week after, it returned intermittently, and has stayed that way but much more subtle. If I lift my chin towards the ceiling quickly, I can hear a turbulent single whoosh, or the same if I bend over towards the floor. If I perform the Valsalva maneuver, I can also elicit one single whoosh. Periodically at night the pulsing will return when changing from standing to sitting or visa versa, but then slowly fades usually. If I put pressure on the jugulars or the carotid and lift my chin up, the whoosh does not happen.

      Has anyone had this type of presentation with a diagnosis?

      I should also add...I have always been able to sniff in and plug my Eustachian canal on demand, and then move some muscle to un plug it, like when your ears pop with elevation changes. If I sniff in and plug the canal up and then lift my chin quickly to eleicit a whoosh, I don’t hear a whoosh at all, similar to when I put pressure on the neck vessels.
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      Aspirin Mesication
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      Who knows? I have Patulous ET and ETD + Other things
      get yourself checked for patulous eustachian tube. I have the same symptoms.

      What have you found out?

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