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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ray George, Oct 1, 2014.

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      Hello all, I am 68 y.o. male and it started 9/25/14 shortly after irrigating both ears. Very high pitch, steady and loud, about 7.5 out of 10. I am looking for hope, so wondering if anyone out there has done some research, or can advise where I can look into stats about this condition. The stat I am looking for is what percentage of new sufferers get resolved within a year vs. those who do not. Thank you for any input.
      Ray G.
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      Loud gig/year of loud headphone usage.
      I don't believe there is any research of that kind.
      What I can tell you is that you should probably not look for that here.
      The thread is supportive and all but reading people posting about Tinnitus has only made the idea that it will not go away stronger.
      In truth a BIG percentage of people either have their Tinnitus go away or just get to a level where it isn't of any bother.
      Mine was loud and annoying at the beginning but now it's switched from a violent ring to some air sounds.
      Try your best not to worry as that makes it all too worse.
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      Thanks for the info. I believe I have already made progress toward finding an answer to my question. May I ask where or how did you learn that a BIG percentage recover before it turns chronic?
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      I have read that it can go away, and often does. However the best way to think about it is like this IMO. Tinnitus affects 10% of the population, millions of people in every country get where are they all? Why are they not on this site? We should be seeing new threads pop up every second, why don't we?

      Simple answer, the vast majority either simply stop noticing it or live with it just fine and have no need for a site like this. I am telling myself this as well as you, as I am a noob here as well. Statistically, maybe your tinnitus will go away, maybe it won't, but either way, it is very unlikley you will still be here in 12 months looking for answers. You will have adapted or just be tinnitus free. Hopefully the same for me.

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