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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kimbo Slice, Jan 4, 2014.

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      My name is Kim and I am a 22 year old male from Vancouver, BC, and I am a new sufferer and have noise induced Tinnitus in the right ear, resulting in a very high pitched tone coming from my head, due to me being completely oblivious to the reality of how hearing loss can occur. I cannot get over how just before Christmas I had perfect hearing and completely took it for granted not realizing this could happen to me, so I have been eager looking for ways to contribute to the community I guess, and I know I don't have it as bad as some others, but when someone loses something permanently, especially a body function, it's not easy. Otherwise I am very thankful for what I have been given, and what I currently have left.

      Speaking of people finding cures for other sicknesses by luck in the past though. I noticed that since I still have one good ear, if you lay down on the left side (good ear) plug the ear, and put pressure on the temple long enough, you can hear an almost identical sound. What could this mean? Maybe it could be a malfunctioning blood vein that either clots, or is pushing an abnormal amount of blood through, to or from the brain as result of compensation for the trauma, making crazy phantom sound?

      How can this be? Well if you look at someone with high blood pressure, who as well experiences tinnitus, you can probably see the relevance. A noise induced trauma would obviously sound a little different then a blood pressure induced, but if you really think about it, the ear is very sensitive, and therefore the veins connecting the ear to the brain must be as well. Of course I realize that this just prooves that the sound is occurring in the brain, but is it really just damage to the ear? Why is it that some people with tinittus hear a constant ringing AND hearing loss at the same time, and why do some still have perfect hearing? Just really puzzles me but I feel I may be on to something.

      Again it's just a theory, but could this mean something, or am I just posting something that is already known? However I have very high hopes in the current studies undergone at Stanford University and Auris Medical. I trust a real scientist over an average Joe like myself any day. Please excuse my poor introduction, and typing, as this is the best I can do. Please feel free to share opinions or ideas, as I would love to hear that I am wrong. Thank you for all of your time and best wishes to all.

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      Just realized that since it's only been a week. Maybe I'm in luck? I keep forgetting that there's still a little hope. Going to the ENT on Monday, is there any reason I shouldn't pros pone it? Like if I have a tumor and I dont catch it early enough will it be life threatening, or is there any chance that I can treat this and for it to be gone if I go to the ENT soon. Because I'd rather wait a little longer to find out if it's okay. Thank you again.
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      Hi Kim, welcome to TT. It is very late here on the east coast and I need to get to bed but saw you had not receive an answer to your post (some are coming, I am sure).

      But for now, Let me just say:

      1. It's only been a week. It could be tinnitus... Or not. Even if it is tinnitus, it could b temporary.

      2. Many things can cause tinnitus -- which technically s a symptom, not a disease. It s a symptom of something that has happened to screw up the communication between your auditory system and you brain. So tinnitus can start as damage to your ear but, ultimately, is a brain disorder.

      3. Some people have tinnitus only in one ear. Others have T with no detectable hearing loss. I am one of them. Sometimes that is because we have very frequency loss, not measured by standard hearing tests that go to 8000 Hz

      4. Get thee to a doctor (an ENT not a primary care doc) pronto. There are a lot of tests you need to rule out tumors, etc.

      5. If it is chronic tinnitus, there is no cure. But there are treatments and ways to help you cope. Don't let any doctor just tell you "you have to learn to live with it," You can take action to help yourself.
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      Hey LadyDi, it is nice to meet a fellow sufferer. Thankyou for the help. I went to get my blood sugar tested today, and found out I have to wait a whole 2 months until I can see the ENT docter (which seems kind of outrageous to me as I thought I was going to see them today lol) but none the less the results will be in 3 months i guess. Not much good if I do happen to have a tumor lmao. but of course I hope that is not the case. Lol and ya my doc kinda did tell me I'd have to live with it. I felt like talking to her about these new "cures" currently under trial to see what she thinks, but didnt think she really had the time for that, but I really appreciate the time you have taken to compose this. Thank you so much.


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