New Symptom — Feeling Something "Pulsate" in My Left Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by Juan, Sep 13, 2020.

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      A few days ago, having a shower, I realised that when water hit my face, and specifically my nose, something moved in spasms inside my left ear. I had noticed some vague "instability" on that ear while showering for a few months already, but suddenly these symptoms are just clear, there is something "moving".

      I don't really know what it could be (middle ear muscle? I don't think so... maybe eustachian tube?). The thing is... these spasms are getting more frequent, and they occur at any time of the day, just for a few seconds, or maybe a minute. It is not something that worries me by itself, but in the last few months I have also noticed:

      - Increased pressure behind my left eye.
      - Worse sight in my left eye (very likely too much strain due to work, computer, reading...)
      - Tinnitus on the left side when I open my jaw wide. It goes beep.

      Some basically I am again facing the eternal question of having more testing, even the dreaded MRI... I checked my hearing last July and the curve was slightly worse than before, but nothing remarkable. The speech in noise test was remarkably below the previous one at the beginning of the year, so quite worrying...

      I was wondering if someone else has experienced this pulsating sensation, or something moving inside the ear. In my case it is not related to noise, or a particular body or neck position.

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