New Symptom After Tinnitus Spike?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mark Griffin, Jan 20, 2015.

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      Hello all,

      I have had T for a year in February and i had gotten myself used to it to the point of not bothering me. Last night however, i had a huge spike of T in my right ear which i'm pretty sure was caused by taking ibuprofen earlier in the day. My ear felt full and i was experiencing all sorts of strange sound anomalies. I went to bed and managed to get to sleep. I woke in the early hours and was experiencing the strangest sensation which is hard to explain but was like that sound you get when you blow across a bottle top, but only when i moved my head on the pillow or rubbed my ear.. so strange. It was also like a distant echo mixed in too. I managed to drift off to sleep again. When i woke up today the T spike has receded to near normal levels but i have been left with a strange symptom which is that whenever anyone speaks or anything makes a relatively loud sound, i have a low tone which mimics the sound heard in the same intervals as the sound make (if that makes sense). Does anyone else have this as it is really off putting and odd.

      Thanks all in advance.


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