New to Board: Tinnitus from Military Service — Recently Made Worse by Noise Exposure

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Leftfoot, Dec 29, 2020.

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      Hi, my name is Scott. I live in western PA.

      I have been dealing with tinnitus & hyperacusis since 1990 due to military service.

      I recently had a spike in my tinnitus & hyperacusis due to noise exposure.

      I have used both TRT (GHI maskers) and Neuromonics.

      I look forward to reading posts and providing support to others if possible.

      I hope all members find peace.

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    2. Drachen

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      Currently unknown; likely noise-induced
      Hey, Scott. Welcome to the board!

      Firstly, thank you for your contributions to the military. I always appreciate someone giving their time and energy to serve. It is unfortunate that has resulted in you not only dealing with this symptom but it spiking a bit now.

      Could you go into some detail about the various methods you've used to try and "get used to it" (as the lovely medical professionals love to put it)? I'd be curious to see.

      Hope you have a great week.
    3. Bill Bauer
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      Acoustic Trauma
      What happened? Also, how long ago was it?
    4. AUTHOR

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      Hi, I was an M-60 gunner in the U.S. Army during the early 90s. The M-60 produces dangerous decibels when in operation so it did a number on my hearing.

      I got TRT therapy, Neuromonics, hearing aids and help with depression from some great people at the VA.

      I guess over time I became more habituated to the tinnitus & hyperacusis, but for many years I struggled mightily with depression and alcohol abuse secondary to my condition.

      The advice I would give after 30+ years is to stay positive, don’t listen to people in the medical community who tell you nothing can be done, be proactive, and protect your hearing.
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