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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Robert Stiles, Apr 20, 2015.

    1. Robert Stiles

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      This is going to sound strange but is the truth. One evening around 3:30am in 2005 I awoke to the sound of a helicopter's rotor. It sounded like it was right above my home. When I lifted myself up I heard two men talking and so I jumped out of bed. I then became light headed and nauseous, due to a terrible ringing in my ears. I have never been the same ever since. Nowadays it seems to come in waves. The ringing will ramp up in intensity every 6-12 months then settle at a point which is bearable until the cycle repeats. I'm beginning to wonder if there are commonalities between us. Certain blood types, dna or whatever that make this ringing between us. My latest theory is that the aluminum, barium and strontium being sprayed in the sky by those aerosol planes has crossed over through the blood, brain barrier. The metals in my head acting like antennae to all of the wireless devices surrounding our society. Only you would know how someone could garner such thoughts. Any way I am here (no pun intended) to look for answers.
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Robert Stiles,

      You're not crazy at all. There isn't a human being alive, who really understands, what this thing is and how it all of a sudden appears.
      I believe it's fate. You just get it for some reason or the other. It's the wackiest thing, that exists, in the modern world. Cancer, MS, Bipolar disorders, etc., are a cake walk, compared to this robber of peace and quiet. It doesn't belong here on earth.

      God bless,


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