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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kay Double U, May 21, 2015.

    1. Kay Double U

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      Hi Guys,

      My name is Kenan. Ironically I am a DJ and have quite often been around loud music, however I don't believe this relates to my tinnitus starting as it began at a time when I had a long period off.

      Back in November last year, following numerous Sinus Infections and issues with dizziness when I got one, I got a sinus infection that wouldn't go away with my normal Ammoxicilin antibiotics which I was usually prescribed. I was prescribed a different antibiotic a bit stronger and the morning after on the way to work, things have never been quite the same again.

      I suddenly felt totally out of it, like I was in a dream or drunk.. All the symptoms led to what I can see as 'Depersonalization or Derealization' which seemed a bit weird and random. Along with that I constantly feel dizzy every day, sometimes to the point where it's like im on a boat or sinking into the ground.. I get head pressure from my temples to my sinuses, Ive found my dreams have become more vivid and intense and above all..


      The loud ringing and buzzing in my ears.. I went on a plane recently and put an ear plug in and oh my god it wa so loud it was almost unbearable.. its like a buzzing in my left ear and a ringing in my other..

      I've had ear tests, CT Scan of sinuses, MRI of sinus and brain.. All clear

      I feel at a loss as I don't feel the person I used to be, I could handle some head pressure or dreams but it's the dizziness and ear ringing that get me.. its 24/7 it never goes away.. I also feel so energyless all the time and unmotivated i feel like getting up is a struggle..

      :( x
    2. dan

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      So dont put a plug in your ear....?
    3. James White

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      April 2013
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      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      Hey welcome Kay,

      have you looked into menieres disease ?

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