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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ToniZim, Oct 28, 2012.

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      It was in 1963 that I first complained to my parents that there was this buzzing sound that was driving me crazy. A trip to the doc's said it was Meniere's disease. Wrong diagnoses and a cause has never been identified. The ringing has never stopped and like so many others my only relief is to distract myself with other sounds. One would think that one would "get used to it" but somehow that just doesn't work. Unfortunately, my need to have distracting noise keeps the husband awake at night, so some times we compromise, one night he sleeps, others it's my turn. and some night i toss for a couple of hours in what he thinks of as a quite room, then give up and go down stairs. One thing I have learned it, it won't kill you. Although i sometimes feel like killing something. I also feel like no one understands, but any one on here surely does. anyway, not sure what I expect here, I have tried every new treatment that i have heard of for the past half century, maybe just a place to vent when I am exhausted. thanks for listening (reading)
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      First, I feel for you. Second, your husband is going to have to accept your disability and let you have sounds in your bedroom. What a F* jerk.
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      Yeah, I think I'm on here just to vent too. Just finished an email to the Tinnitus support group in Denver; they're hosting a presentation by SoundCure at the next meeting, which somebody online appropriately calls "The $5,000 iPod." I quit going to a support group in Phoenix before moving to Colorado five months ago. Coming to the conclusion that there's no solution out there, I couldn't see going to listen to hearing center representatives present one treatment option after another that serves only to put money in their pockets. Like all the crazy cure-alls year after year that come out, none of which do anything. Sucks. Some days better than other, mostly due to the stress levels of the day. Good luck.
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      October 2011
      1963 is a long time. do you know why it started and how? i'm always curious on when T started for people. perhaps it was something physical you did. spending alot of money on "cures" can be very frustrating. i believe research is so much better now though.
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      Tonizim...try to get a sleep pillow, it has built in speakers you can connect to an ipod or any sound machine with an output outlet.

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