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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Reubixcube, Feb 9, 2016.

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      New Zealand
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      concerts, clubbing, drive through headsets, headphones etc
      Kia Ora (Hello) from New Zealand. I've been dealing with tinnitus for a few years now, and I only just came about this forum after a quick google search! My tinnitus is noise-induced. Unfortunately, in my teen years I loved loud music in my ear buds, I also worked in a burger king drive through for five years, going to rock concerts, living with parents who play a lot of loud music, clubbing and night outs. It use to go away, but now I noticed that it became prominent and very muchly long-term after being in front of a speaker by a stage at an Evanescence concert lol. I've been to the doctor and have gotten hearing checks done, however I apparently don't have hearing loss. The doctor gave gave me sleeping pills to deal with sleepless nights and also been told to drink plenty of camomile tea. I've been told to go to a councillor to help deal with everyday stress (which they think is probably another reason why I have it), however that was not that helpful. Basically, I have been told to learn to live with it, and that the tinnitus might go away at some point.

      What annoys me about it now is that I really have to watch going out to town with friends. Like, I live in a city that is recovering from earthquakes so the clubbing situation has been terrible! However, I went clubbing for the first time in quite possibly 5 years and my god did I regret it afterwards! Nevertheless, i'll bring decent earplugs the next time I go clubbing or if I decide to go to a concert.

      I know that there are audiology clinics in New Zealand, but the issue is that i'm a student and i cannot afford these places. Also the New Zealand public health care system does not cover tinnitus treatments. So now I've been trying to think of ways to train myself to ignore tinnitus. Its incredibly crucial now that i'm about to begin a masters degree. I was thinking of meditation. I joined this forum to find ways in which other people have trained themselves to ignore the sound. I've started the first step by not letting it get to me. When i'm aware of it I just tell myself to ignore it.. Anyway hello all!
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      Explosion starting engine
      Hello @Reubixcube . You live in the Christchurch area?
      All I can say is protect your ears. Any loud event (concerts, clubbing, etc...) will simply contribute to more damage in the cochlea. You don't have to over protect, but reading your post I think you already know what sound level is too much.

      Although the doctor couldn't see hearing loss you correctly concluded your tinnitus could be noise induced.
      Most tinnitus is noise induced.

      New Zealand is a part of the world I remember fondly. Having lived there for almost 10 years.
      I know that a department of Auckland university is one of the numerous university in the world doing research into hearing damage/regeneration. You are a student, so most likely are young. In your lifetime repairing the damage could be possible.
      This helps me (with my NIHL, tinnitus and hyperacusis) going forwards. We all deal with it differently.
      A repair of our hearing will not be possible any time soon. So again, don't make it worse and I hope you habituate to the tinnitus soon.
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      Noise exposition
      The most important advice is,it's bad but it can always get worst, so protect yourself from noise . Avoid clubbing and loud music. If you have to give up going out for shows don't hesitate . Coping it's different for all. It depends on a lot of things, specially the kind of noise you listen and how high it is.If you have a mild T after 5 years you should already get used to it. If you have a loud sound it can be very hard to adjust. T has a lot of variables. Each one can gave different symptoms. For me it's harder in the morning, I sleep well, I can't take naps or it will raise the volume,I have reactive T,so I can listen to very high sounds. Music only in good days and not too loud.
      You can do a lot of treatments but in the end it's you who have to adjust.
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      12/2015 - 3/2016
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      Multiple: anxiety, childhood ear infections, loud music
      I'm also from New Zealand, welcome.

      I was told by a doctor at ER that the hospital has an audiology department who is able to help out. I never pursued it because my tinnitus went down in volume so much, but I would pursue the public health system option a little further if I were you.
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