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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Steve Crumb, Jul 29, 2013.

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      My name is Steven, this problem started back in March 2013, so its been about 5 months now.
      I have had this high pitch noise in both of my ears, from the time I wake up, to the time I go to bed.
      I do not sleep well either.
      The only way I could describe it to my doctor and hearing test professional, is, if there is a kettle whistling in the next room, ( yes it is that loud most of the time).
      Sometimes it is louder, than when I am having a conversation with somebody, it has gotten to the point where I find myself reading lips automatically,
      I find it gets even louder when I am in a quiet environment, (like camping last week).
      I have another doctors appointment tomorrow, hopefully he can refer me to a ear, noise, throat specialist. It would be a start.
      Anyway, this forum seems like a good place to start too, and am glad to have found you all.
    2. Spider

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      Hi, welcome. These forums have helped me out a lot. Hope you can find something here to help you :)
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      Hi Steve welcome to this forum I'm sure you will find lots of support and help from others who know what it's like to have this condition. I hope you get support from doctor and ent docs to give you answers to the questions you have right now flying through your mind. The people on here are so v v knowledgable about self help, alternative meds, supportive ideas and anything and everthing you want to ask someone else who actually understands how this feels!

      I'm only a few months into this but I have found the support I needed on here from people 1000's of miles away to gets through the anxiety and start learning to cope. You will read it does get better as you learn to cope adjust and take positive steps forward. Ipersonal needed anti d tablets and sleeping pills to gets through the start but now I'm sleeping motivated the noise is there but im learning to cope. It's a bumpy road but gather the support from family work and docs and you will move forward.

      Keep us posted and be strong xx
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