New To Tinnitus and Trying to Hold it Together

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bells, Aug 24, 2013.

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      So glad I found this forum. I have felt quite alone in this.

      My tinnitus started after someone screamed in my ear at a loud concert over a week ago, to get my attention. I had muffled hearing in that ear for about a day, followed by fullness and non-stop ringing. I can mostly hear the ringing when I am home, sometimes I even hear it over "white" noise. It's worse when I'm trying to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. I live in NYC so I wore earplugs to drown out street noise. Now those are out because they make the tinnitus quite loud, and white noise doesn't quite cover the street noise. I have been trying not to focus on it, trying to distract myself, but it is hard.

      I have been to an ENT but the news wasn't that encouraging. My hearing is ok but a little worse in the affected ear. He says I may "get used" to it, and gave me a high dose of steroids. I am taking supplements and Zyrtec because I suspect I have some allergy issues even though the ENT says that isn't causing this, the cause is "acoustic trauma." I have cancelled upcoming concerts I wanted to attend, and I am also taking Xanax to help me sleep. I worry about addiction but I just need some peace.

      I know that 10 days isn't a long time to suffer with something like tinnitus, and from reading the forums it sounds like there is a good chance I'll habituate. I guess I'd been hoping it would simmer down in a few days but after the 1-week point, I started feeling rather depressed. Another thing I'm dealing with is anger at the person who did this. I know I will definitely wear earplugs if I go to any more shows, but everything points to the yelling as the cause because my other ear is ok. I would have preferred this man had broken a bone in my body rather than left this horrible noise in my head.

      I'm wondering if anyone else has experience "acoustic trauma" like this? What helped you? How long before you felt better again? Thank you for listening to my rather long rant!
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      Hi Bells!

      Since you only recently got T there is still a chance that it fades away and you make a complete recovery. If it does not take comfort in knowing that the vast majority of people with tinnitus can lead normal lives.

      My advice would be to continue to do the things you enjoy in life and not to be become obsessed with the noise. Acceptance is the key IMO.

      Taking Xanax is ok in this situation but speak to your doctor about it, and dont take it too long.
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      Thank you for your response Luca. It helps to be able to talk about this.
      I think I am having a hard time adjusting to some steroid side effects and sleep changes at this stage, but trying to stay busy and stay positive as you suggest.

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