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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by carlos28, Jan 15, 2015.

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      Hi guys. Just not too long ago I started hearing a faint chirping noise which I believe is tinnitus. The sound is very faint and I can hear it only when it's quiet and I listen for it. However I was not exposed to any loud noises recently so it can't be from noises exposure. I had a nasty cold about a week ago though. I started hearing the tinnitus 2 days ago and just yesterday I went to the doctor to have my ears syringed because I thought it may be cause of wax buildup but it was to no avail. Do you guys think it might be permanent? I'm 19 and with respect to you all I don't want to live my life like this. Please help. Should I go see a Audiologist? Should I keep on listening to music from my headphones? I don't listen to it loud just a little over half. Please help. Thanks.
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      Root Canal
      Carlos you are in the very early stages try to stay calm there's a very good chance that it will go away try to focus on other things other then the T. Id be careful with the headphones make sure its low and make sure your getting sleep if need be take melatonin it actually helps. Good luck but I think you'll be ok stay calm.
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      Noise exposure?
      @carlos28 I'd suggest you go to an Audiologist and get a baseline. Keep a copy for yourself. Also forget the headsets I consider them poison.
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      Welcome to our forum. Sorry to hear that you're experiencing tinnitus. It's very difficult to know for sure if it will be permanent or not. It is not uncommon for tinnitus to fade over the course of a couple of weeks.

      That being said, I acquired tinnitus when I was 17, and it has not affected my ability to lead what I consider to be a relatively normal life.

      Hang in there, and don't panic too much! Maybe take some b-vitamins and magnesium for a few days, since your tinnitus is still so new. Also, avoid smoking if you do.
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      Count yourself lucky. You hear it only in silence. You will easily get used to it and start ignoring it in a few weeks time. Honestly. Don't force yourself to listen out for it. Take your mind away when you start obsessing. I hear mine above all sounds, even heavy traffic. But... I can now once again ignore the tinnitus and focus on living. Protect your ears in overly loud environments but dont overprotect. You will be fine. And ignore all advice on what to do and not do. In fact no one, not even scientists studying the affliction 24/7 understand how tinnitus emerge in some. If you drink, don't stop. If you smoke, only stop if you want to save your Lungs. Keep living the way u always have.

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