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      Hi so I'm new to T and this forum and been searching the net ways to threat my T. Before I had T I had vertigo/dizziness for about 4 weeks and I had to take anti anxiety pills cause I thought I was very sick now that the balance issue is coming OK the T kicks in .I have gaming as a hobby but the games I play require headset to determine from were the sound is coming . when I'm gaming the T is gone but I can't play as much as before cause I am getting ear pain too that I'm suspect comes from medium to high sounds that I listen .I can cope with the T but when pain kicks in that's when I'm kinda depressed. The pain is mild to moderate rarely hard .Anyways if anyone can help with the pain thing would be nice he he
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      First of all, welcome, marco. :welcomesignanimation: It's good that you've come here for help. I am relatively new here, and I can say that the people here are VERY helpful.

      It is said that you should avoid taking Aspirin for pain as it could make your T worse. I've been put on Indocin for moderate (4-6) pain for my head and neck, and migraine medicine for the migraines, so you can ask your doctor for the Indocin or something else for pain. Try not to take too many over the counter pain medication as taking too many can be bad for you liver and can cause constant headaches.
      As an occasional gamer, I know that you sometimes need the volume high to get into it, but you may have to keep your volume much lower on your headset to avoid the pain afterwards. I'm sure other people here can give you other suggestions for managing your T and the pain that comes with it.
      Either way, talk to a doctor if you can. His or her 2 cents might be more beneficial to you than mine. I hope your T and your pain get better. :)
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