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      Tinnitus has been effectively ruining my days for the past two almost three months. I have had in the past 3 1/2 years back surgery Xs 2, an ENG and colonoscopy. I was also diagnosed with celiac disease 2 yrs ago. Why I am now suffering with tinnitus is a mystery. I am female, 57 yrs old and I spend as much time outside as I can riding horses and working on our 17 acre farm. I am currentl trying xanax but it is just making me tired with only some relief. My ENT Dr whom I am not too fond of, sent me for an MRI and also put me on antiviral drugs which did nothing. He refused to give me the xanax but my primary care did. Wearing heat protection around loud noise helps .
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      Sorry for all the spelling errors, using my kindle. Hard to type on!
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Ruth R,

      Welcome and sorry to hear of all the issues, you've had to deal with over the years!

      How we are selected to bear the brunt of tough health problems, only the man upstairs knows. However, we have been and now face the challenges that go along with them. Life throws out curveballs all the time.

      Xanax will help with sleep, but only for the short term. During the day try masking and keeping busy. Avoid loud noises and protect your ears with earplugs or ear defenders when around loud sounds. You have a farm, so I assume there's loud equipment operating once in awhile?

      Your ENT Should have given you a tapered course of Prednisone initially and if I were you, I'd take some pronto! See if it aleviates some of the noise. It has to be taken within the first 2-4 weeks to be effective. It's usually prescribed when there has been hearing loss along with T. I assume he gave you a hearing test?

      Use a "nature" sound machine at night and take Melatonin, 5HTP and L-Theanine for sleep. Try each one at a time. See which works best.

      Don't despair and read the "success stories" here on the forum. Also, read what some have used as alternative supplements and meds.

      Have hope, it may resolve itself in time.

      God bless,

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