Newbie Questions: Trying to Reduce Tinnitus with a DIY Method Similar to Neuromonics or Tomatis

Discussion in 'Support' started by ronman, Jan 18, 2016.

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      Tinnitus Since:
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      pulsetile onset plus stress
      I would like to make sure I'm on a path that's likely to be helpful, so checking in regarding what I'm planning to do.

      I've had mild tinnitus since 1994. It doesn't interfere with my life but is always present, bilaterally.

      It began with pulsatile onset (emphasis on onset, like a small bug drumming on my eardrums in a regular but increasing tempo at random times, which quit after the tinnitus arrived, this was NOT blood pressure.).

      I visited a doctor in Europe who said that the tinnitus was probably due to chronic tension in small muscles attached to the stapes.

      My hearing is normal.

      Am I right that playing a modulated tone at the frequency (8800 Hz) of the tinnitus in headphones a couple of hours a day at a volume slightly less than the volume of the tinnitus has a good chance of reducing the tinnitus? I'm using the 'MyTinnitus' iPad app to do this. I'm not interested in masking, but in actual reduction of tinnitus volume. I've arrived at this method since it seems similar to Neuromonics or the Tomatis method, but simpler and more available.

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